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Keep your kids entertained this long weekend with DStv

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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Taking a break when the kids are around can be very difficult. If they’re not crying for food, they’re dragging you to play with them, dragging you to have a bath, or even worse, they could be fighting over who gets to hold the remote.

With all this in mind, having a me time to yourself can be an extreme sport, especially with the long weekend ahead of us. What would ordinarily be a blissful 6-day holiday can quickly turn into a very hectic one if the kids are not engaged. And here’s where DStv comes in!

With a line-up of the best kiddies shows and family entertainment content from all over the world, you can be sure that the kids will be out of your hair this weekend. A win-win for everyone!

Here are some exciting activities to keep your kids engaged this long weekend – all courtesy of DStv:  

Spend Family Time Together

This long weekend, you can unwind and spend some quality time together as a family. Enjoy exciting tv shows like ‘The Johnsons’ that’ll keep the family glued to the tv screen while having a fun-filled time together. The Johnsons airs daily on Africa Magic Family (channel 154) at 7: PM.

Take the kids On Playdates With Friends

Get some alone time this long weekend without the noise from the kids fighting for the remote. Allow them have fun and experience a new world of entertainment with their friends.

And a good show for them to watch on these playdates is ‘Thomas and Friends’, which airs every Monday on Boomerang (DStv Channel 302) by 5:50 PM.

Get Their Hands Messy With Arts and Craft

Get the children colouring by downloading the colouring sheets of ‘Dawn with Croods this long weekend.  Allow the children to explore their creative sides with art and crafts by tuning in to  DreamWorks (Channel 304) this weekend.

Sing Karaoke

Help your kids learn something new by ushering them into a world of singing. Sing along to a host of high school shows on Nickelodeon (channel 305) as they enjoy performances from their favourite kid celebrities.

Watch Their Favourite TV Show:

Enjoy the best of world-class entertainment this long weekend with a host of exciting kiddies shows on DStv such as the new season of Alphablocks & Numberblocks Mash Ups which premieres on May 2, 2022, on Cbeebies (channel 306) at 8:30 AM. You sure want to keep the children busy with this.

There you have it, DStv has got the kids covered this long weekend. For more information, visit www.dstvafrica.com or dial *288# for more self-service options.

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