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Keystone Bank’s campaign earned Insight Publicis 2021 Gerety Awards

by Goddy Ofose
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Insight Publicis, Nigeria’s largest and leading creative agency and a member of the 3rd largest global marketing communications network – Publicis Groupé has been announced Nigerian agency of the year by the Gerety Awards. This comes after a selection of finalists by executive juries of agency and brand leaders who ensure that only the very best work is awarded.

Redefining the standards to which advertising is held, The Gerety Awards is setting a new benchmark in global creative awards. Named after Frances Gerety, the copywriter who coined the slogan “A diamond is forever”, the prestigious legacy award is the first of such to select the best-in-advertising from an all-female perspective.

Insight Publicis was awarded the “2021 Nigerian Agency of the Year” for their portfolio-cut entry that included ads “Mom-in-Law” and “Junior” produced for Keystone Bank’s “Make it Happen” campaign. The ads, which stole the hearts of audiences across Nigeria, came at a time when consumers of financial services sought easier ways of banking and needed reassurance that there would be no barriers in communication with their banks and that sustenance of efficient services would be ensured.

Rising to the task, the creative team at Insight Publicis expressed Keystone Bank’s commitment to customer dedication and its innovative approach to ensuring efficient services via the heart-grabbing “Mom-in-law” ad while highlighting the need for easy banking and innovation, as provided by the bank’s innovative products and services, through the “Junior” ad.

In an effort to drive the “Mom-in-law” campaign home, Insight sought to ensure relatability in delivering Keystone Bank’s message of “going the extra mile”, by illustrating inter-tribal relationships. The team likened Keystone Bank’s conscientiousness and determination to a welcoming mother-in-law who learns a new language in order to communicate with her son’s new bride. On the other hand, the “Junior” ad was a creative analogy for stressful banking experiences, as depicted through a tedious family request and expectation. The solution was not to stop serving, but to explore and develop an innovative solution for convenience – this magnified Keystone Bank’s continuous quest to provide better and simpler innovative approaches to meeting its customers’ needs in record time. 

According to Gerety Awards cofounder Lucía Ongay, “When defining the greatest in advertising through the female lens we have a responsibility to celebrate only the very best. Advertisers who want to know how to target the world’s most powerful consumers need to look no further than the Gerety winners list”

Gerety Awards Trophy for Insight Publicis

Dr. Ken Onyeali Ikpe, Group CEO of Insight Redefini speaking on the award, said, “It is an honour for one of our operating companies – Insight Publicis – to be recognised by the jury as The Nigerian Agency of the Year. This award is for the incredible team at Insight Publicis who continue to put in the hard work. They made this possible. It is very exciting indeed.”

Winning a Gerety Award is one of the many testaments to the timeless creativity and innovation showcased by the advertising giant, Insight Publicis. The Gerety Award’s board of international juries ensures that only the very best work that resonates with the world’s most powerful consumers is awarded.

The Gerety Awards was founded in 2019 by former Epica Awards staffers Joe Brooks and Lucía Ongay to support and celebrate initiatives that champion diversity in the creative industries. It is the only advertising awards program with an all-female jury.

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