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LEGIT.ng donates to WARIF, provides succour for domestic abuse survivors

by Goddie Ofose
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Legit.ng, Nigeria’s leading digital media and news platform made a monetary donation to the Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF), in fulfillment of its corporate responsibility mission to lead the way in restoration of vulnerable women and victims of gender based violence (GBV). This commitment fostered a partnership with non-profit organization, WARIF, incorporated in response to the high incidence of sexual violence, rape and human trafficking occurring amongst young girls and women across Nigeria.

The campaign which was on for a period of 2 months reached a total of six million (6,000,000) home-based readers and Nigerian readers in diaspora via web content, radio interviews, influencer relations, and social media communications. With donations accrued from readers across the globe through the Legit.ng charity’s patreon account, Legit.ng has been able to fulfill its support ambition to WARIF.

The leading digital media and entertainment news company decided on this ambitious decision as a response to the rallying cry for widespread public sensitization about gender-based-violence. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one in three women would be subjected to physical or sexual intimate partner violence, or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime; and the 2018 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) also estimates that 30% of females between 15 and 49 years has experienced sexual violence, meaning one-third of every woman in the country. These heartbreaking statistics and other human interest stories, form the basis for Legit’s intervention and commitment to  raise massive awareness that puts an end to this  societal ill and all forms of gender based violence.

During the campaign, Legit.ng identified sexual abuse and domestic violence survivors’ stories, referring to them as heroes and heroines, and seeking support from its audience in restoration of these women.

Just like with WARIF, Legit.ng has been able to help scores of people overcome severe life events.

Expressing gratitude and speaking about the partnership impact, Head of Communications at WARIF, Boluwatito Awe said:

“We are grateful to Legit.ng Charity for this donation. It’s going to go a long way in ensuring that survivors who need it the most, get adequate care, both medical and counseling. We look forward to having more such donations and partnerships in the future. On our end, we are more committed to ensuring a world free of rape and sexual violence. WARIF is more than committed to push this forward and ensure that survivors are able to live in the society again .”

Reiterating Legit.ng’s commitment to telling stories that drive impact and restoration, Head of Desk, Human Interest Stories, Rahaman Abiola, whose dedication to identifying survivors of life’s hard dealt blow, and bringing awareness to their problems in a way of providing solution, described the partnership with WARIF as a partnership worthy of emulation and one that should be supported by all. He said:

“This is an impactful and socially responsible engagement that we have taken on and we are resolute on seeing it to the end. The only way to change more lives is by telling stories that spotlights their plights and help people see the need to pitch in. Like Mother Theresa once said, not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love. This resonates with us a lot and that is why we give the platform for change makers to impact the lives of many in need with their widow’s mite.”

The donation made by Legit.ng will cover treatment, forensic examination, HIV test, pregnancy test, post-exposure drugs, and three (3) sessions of psycho-social counseling.

Since Legit.ng kicked off its charity initiative in 2021, the leading digital media company has gone on to call attention of individual plights to key stakeholders, as far as the corridors of the Aso rock which resulted in great change.

In the same year, the media company developed a social series on YouTube called “My Migration Story”, which covers illegal migration, human trafficking and other untold issues of vulnerable population of Nigeria. Some of the heroes of the series have received financial help from Legit.ng viewers and readers. For example, Esohe, a mother of four, received over N500,000 in donations to start her own business and pay for rent, so her kids have shelter.

As a full digital media company, these are some of the various ways through which Legit.ng maximizes the full potential of technology and the digital world in impacting the lives of people through its large audience and readership base. 

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