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LoneStar Cell MTN, sues Orange over cyber-attacks

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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The  Number One Telecommunications Service Provider in Liberia by the name LoneStar Cell MTN, has dragged its rival, Orange, to a London Court for damages that resulted from massive cyber-attacks experienced on its network between 2015 and 2017.

Meanwhile Joined in the lawsuit is Cellcom, LoneStar Cell MTN’s main competitor that was acquired by Orange in 2015.

In the lawsuit, LoneStar is contending that the Cyber-attacks negatively impacted its business over the two years period that the cyber onslaught lasted.

Owing to the attacks, LoneStar subscribers were unable to communicate during the period as they could not access the network.

Most Liberians also suffered its devastating impact as they were cut off from bank transactions, while corporate offices operations were brought to a standstill.

Learning in educational institutions were negatively impacted, even as farmers could not check crop prices.

In the Capital, Liberia, the largest hospital went offline several times as the attacks continued unabated, while infectious disease specialists lost contact with international health agencies.

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