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MAGGI partners Africa cleanup initiative (ACI) to clean up Agege Market

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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Maggi, an iconic brand from the stable of Nestlé – the good food, good life

company, cleaned up Agege Market recently with a team of volunteers from

Nestlé Nigeria and African Cleanup Initiative (ACI) – an NGO. The clean-up

activity took place on Thursday March 24, 2022.

Speaking on the initiative, the Category and Marketing Manager for Culinary,

Nestlé Nigeria PLC, Nwando Ajene said, “Our company is leading efforts in

tackling post consumption waste management through various initiatives

including this clean-up exercise.

 In addition to removing waste from the environment, we are also raising awareness and promoting behavioral change,which are both very critical to achieving a cleaner environment through proper

waste management. We are happy to partner with the African Cleanup Initiative

(ACI), and all the Nestlé volunteers who have come out today to show their

commitment to rejuvenating our planet.”

Also commenting during the clean-up activity, Alexander Akhigbe, the founder

of African Cleanup Initiative (ACI) mentioned that ACI is proud to cleanup

Oniwaya Market, Agege with Maggi. Volunteers from both teams demonstrated

a high level of enthusiasm that aided the effective waste removal efforts. This

partnership with MAGGI also serves as an added opportunity for ACI to

“environgelize” for environmental sanity and sustainability. We are also happy

with the opportunity to donate cleaning tools like packers and brooms to the

market team which was supported by Maggi.

Nestlé is committed to packaging and delivering her products in ways that are

safe to continuously protect the environment for future generations. The

company has also announced ambitious sustainability goals to advance the

health of our planet, including cutting greenhouse gas emissions to achieve net

zero by 2050.

The company recognizes that multi-stakeholder action is required to achieve this

objective and is therefore working with partners including other stakeholders in

the Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA), Wecyclers and Chanja Datti

and ACI on the management of post-consumer packaging plastic materials.

These collaborative efforts help to advance Nestlé’s vision that none of its

packaging, including plastics, ends up in landfills or as litter, in oceans, lakes or


In 2021 alone, over 4,756.5TMT of plastic waste was removed from the

environment through the collection initiatives and community projects of FBRA

and Nestlé Nigeria partnerships with Wecyclers and Chanja Datti.

A total of 99.4 Kilograms of solid waste including 4.1 Kilograms of recyclable

waste was removed from the environment during the recent market clean-up

exercise. The collected waste was segregated and sent for further processing.

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