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OMO rewards community mother figures with amazing personalized gifts for Mother’s Day celebration

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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For this year’s Mother’s Day celebration, OMO is recognising the mother figures who show love and care for every child in their community through the ‘Everyone’s Mum’ campaign.

Being a mother is one of the most important roles a woman can ever play – loving their children, protecting them, caring for them, and teaching them. But apart from biological mothers, there are women who take it upon themselves to be safe havens for children close to them by paying attention to their well-being and providing them with motherly support.

Speaking about the Mother’s Day celebration, the Brand Manager OMO, Chinonyerem Opara, explained the need to constantly appreciate our mothers who selflessly sacrifice for their children, encouraging them to aspire, and unleash their potentials to become the changemakers they ought to be while cheering them in excitement without having to worry about tough stains on their clothes which come as a result of kids exploring as they always do.

“It is necessary to help children thrive in a secure and loving environment,” said Mrs. Opara. “It is psychologically proven that a child benefits from having multiple role models, especially with family, friends, and neighbors looking after them and encouraging them all the way. With the ‘Everyone’s Mum’ campaign, OMO is spotlighting and rewarding special women, including our mothers, who have also invested their time, effort and finances to support and encourage children around them. It is also another way to emphasize the responsibilities that communities share as mothers, parents and mentors”.

With a call to nominate remarkable mother figures across Nigeria, hundreds of entries were sent in to confirm and celebrate women who have played significant roles not just to their children, but to others they have met. With winners across multiple states in Nigeria receiving personalized gifts from the brands, several inspiring stories also emerged through the competition that reflects the bond between mothers and children.

OMO also held exciting activations with families in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Kano to celebrate Mother’s Day, with activities including music, dance, family games and many prizes for participants at the event.


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