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ORACLE EXPERIENCE: Producing great ideas, building new world for consumers, clients

by Goddy Ofose
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In 2020, the experiential marketing industry faced a herculean task. Its task was greater in density and consequence than other sectors in the integrated marketing communication industry. To comply with government stay-at-home order as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, clients halted almost every activity associated with promotion through brand activation.

Therefore, after a difficult 2020, early 2021 presented a faint hope but was quickly truncated by announcement of the third wave of COVID-19 otherwise known as ‘Delta Variant”. The marketing activities that started surfacing were once again cut short.

 Not much was done in 2021 but the little that was handled by Oracle Experience; it was a tripod joy. Clients were impressed, consumers satisfied and the agency proud of the level of work that was put into those activities.

 At the Dr, Felix King Eiremiokhae’s led agency, Oracle Experience,  it is said that the bedrock of every successful activation starts with intensive and diligent training, understanding of the brief and infusion of new ideas.

Oracle Experience is an award –winning brand experience agency. It believes that brands need extraordinary ideas that create emotional connections, fuel conversations and deliver business results. Since 2006, Oracle Experience has brought brands to life through event marketing, promotional marketing, sponsorship marketing, employee engagement and digital deployment.


Oracle Experience considered itself a TECHNOVATION- a fusion of ‘technology and innovation.” According to the agency, through its instagram page it said, “We create a radical new approach and experience from a technological and innovative point of view.”

To kick start the 2021 marketing year, Oracle Experience hoisted the Star Triple X giant bottle on a rooftop somewhere in Lagos. The piece of art drew some positive reviews as well as consumers’ commentaries.

Consumers described the activation as ‘one of a kind wonder’. The Star Triple X which was similar to the statue of liberty. It was first of its kind in Africa. the huge bottle housed a multi-sensory experience centre for consumers who attended the brand experience.

During the year under review, Oracle Experience created experiences for Big Brother Naija, Gulder Ultimate Search, Gulder relaunch, Legend Extra Stout campaign-It Flows, Goldberg new TV, 33 larger beer and Life larger beer- ‘Turu Ugo Lota’ campaign in the east.

Life Turu Ugo Lota campaign that features veteran actor, Pete Edoche and his son Yul hosted a massive experience event in Enugu. The campaign cemented Life beer as the only beer that cares about the easterners and the Igbo consumers home and elsewhere have come to love and cherish Life larger beer.

The BBN 2021 was the most fun and engaging and this was made possible by the Oracle’s power of creative engagement. Gulder relived Gulder Ultimate Search after resting it for 6 years and which agency could best represent Gulder brand through creative activation than Oracle Experience?

Oracle provided creative solutions for the Gulder Ultimate Search from contestants unveiling to crowning of the winner in Lagos. Consumers at both unveiling and crowning parties attested to creative nuances of Oracle as empowered by Gulder lager.

Oracle Experience creates experiences that strengthen the relationship between brands and the people that matter most to them. Clients build a better customer experience by investing in Brand experience, experiential marketing, brand strategy, user conferences, activations, consumer engagement, event marketing, sales enablement, shopper and retail, product launch, employee engagement, broadcast design.

On storytelling, the leading experiential marketing agency said, “We spend a lot of time worrying about the categorization of what we create, but storytelling is greater unite than the media touchpoints that divide us. The bottom line for brands this year and beyond: balance a back-to-basics approach to storytelling with a stronger understanding of how all the touchpoints in the broader brand’s story fit together.”

At Oracle, what we do is hard. “So we take care of each other. By taking the work seriously – but not ourselves. By demystifying smart and speaking like humans (No jargons), By enhancing our delightful diversity (No uniforms), By getting joy out of seeing our impact on people,” agency stated.

The Agency believes more in how brands act than what they say, proof than promise. According to Oracle, happy humans are the world’s best advertisers. Great brands aren’t B2C or B2B – they are B2E (brand to everyone)

Passion for results: Enthusiasm for the outcome of our actions, we make things happen, for our customers, our audiences and ourselves.

On team work, coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team, in the interests of a common cause or goal. We will work together to exceed expectation, creativity and communication.

Accountability: The obligation to be responsible for something. We act with integrity, and take personal responsibility for our actions and results, expecting others to do the same.

Commitment:  Pledge or promise We are personally committed to the success of our clients, our teammates and the company and won’t stop until you say “WOW!”

Intrepid: We are resolutely fearless; dauntless. We embrace challenge and complexity with a sense of adventure and enthusiasm.

Some of the personel behind some of these great creative adventures include Dr. Felix King Eiremiokhae, chief executive officer, Mr. Andrew Eiremikhae, chief operating officer, OroroPataya, Creative Director, Paul Osondu, Operations/Business Dev. Director, KehindeAgboola, HOD/Snr., Client Manager, Client Service, BukolaAkinola, Senior Account Manager, Segun Mathew, Finance Director, Nicholas Akwuewabbhor, Operations Manager, and Wale Alabi, Project Coordinator

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