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Organisers announce winners of Gerety awards 2022

by Goddie Ofose
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Organisers of Gerety Awards have announced winners for 2022 awards. The Grand Prix were awarded to Unfiltered History Tour, #PainStories, Super. Human. Channel 4, and Plasticoff.

See all of the winners at www.geretyawards.com

In total the 2022 Gerety Awards jury have awarded 5 Grand Prix, 34 Gold, 58 Silver, 77 Bronze, with 139 entries remaining on the shortlist.

Internationally, the USA was a top Gerety winner overall with 34 total statues, followed by the UK with 27. Collecting Gold, Silver, Bronze and shortlist nominations, Belgium had 23, Canada 20, France and Germany each had 14 campaigns awarded and Brazil together with the UAE had 10 each.

Grand Prix for Illustration in the Craft Cut:

#painstories, Bodyform/Libresse by AMVBBDO London, United Kingdom

Grand Prix for Alternative media in the Communication Cut:

Unfiltered History Tour, VICE Media, Instagram AR Filters by Dentsu Webchutney Bengaluru India

Grand Prix for Editing in the Craft Cut:

Super. Human. Channel 4, Tokyo Paralympics 2020 by Final Cut London United Kingdom

Grand Prix for Mobile in the Experience Cut:

Unfiltered History Tour, VICE Media, Instagram AR Filters by Dentsu Webchutney Bengaluru, India

Grand Prix for product and packaging design in the Innovation Cut:

Plasticoff, Whirlpool by VMLY&R Mexico

Grand jury member Madonna Badger, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Badger Agency had the following to say; “Being a part of a Gerety Award Jury is such an honor and a privilege. Frances Gerety was a legendary woman in advertising. And like most creative women, she appreciated great work no matter the gender of who created it. The work, however, is judged through a female lens, which is so unique and very important to our industry.”

The Gerety Awards, now in its 4th year, is the only creative prize to reward advertising campaigns that resonate most with a female audience. With judging sessions held around the world each year Gerety brings together some of the greatest creative leaders to look at work from the female lens. Rewarding all types of creative excellence regardless of who is in the credits. The big difference in comparison to other awards is that Gerety gives proof the work resonates with the world’s most powerful consumers.

Named for Frances Gerety, the copywriter who in 1948 coined the slogan “A diamond is forever”.

The Gerety Awards brings together a jury to select the best in advertising that resonates most with a female audience, creating a benchmark that is relevant to the market reality, all while redefining the standard to which advertising has traditionally been held.

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