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Out There Media and MTN Nigeria bring RCS to market, achieving outstanding results for mega-brands’ campaigns

by Goddie Ofose
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Out There Media (OTM), the global leader in telco driven mobile advertising, announced that it has successfully launched the first Rich Messaging campaigns based on RCS (Rich Communications Services) with leading mobile operator, MTN Nigeria.

RCS is the new standard of messaging that provides a native, “brand-safe” environment, turning messaging into an interactive, actionable, feature-rich experience, including rich media, high-resolution images, videos, chatbots, file transfer, payment, location sharing and much more. RCS brings the functionality of rich messaging apps like iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp directly into mobile phones without having to download any third-party app.

 The Rich Messaging campaigns have been launched using OTM’s creative services and proprietary mobile advertising technology Mobucks™. The news follows the launch of the partnership between OTM and MTN Nigeria announced last July, aimed at strengthening the mobile operator’s digital advertising strategy by driving advertiser interaction and engagement with its 65 million subscribers through this highly engaging, extremely interactive, and brand-safe digital messaging format.

 The first ground-breaking Rich Messaging campaigns have been launched with mega-brands such as Unilever Nigeria, the World Health Organization (WHO) and FilmOne Entertainment for movies like Dr. Strange and Wildflower. The campaigns yielded ground-breaking results with average engagement rates of 58% and average attention-based value of 26 seconds. These are ground-breaking results compared to the attention-based value of other formats, such as banners with 0.1 seconds, video ads with 4.9 seconds, social media ads with 1.6 seconds, and TV with 13.8 seconds, putting Rich Messaging at the forefront of advertising and media.

 Kerstin Trikalitis, Co-Founder and CEO, OTM, says: “It is rewarding to see how our growing partnership with MTN Nigeria is bearing fruit, working with leading brands to show the truly innovative and ground-breaking opportunities for RCS with Rich Messaging as a new media channel. Nigerian consumers are whole-heartedly embracing the opportunities brought by our unique, end-to-end, cloud-based and fully-managed Rich Messaging solution.”

 “Our proprietary technology platform, Mobucks™ takes full advantage of this new media channel allowing users to interact with brands in an unprecedented way. It produces a rich experience not yet seen in the marketplace and generates a highly effective return on investment for brands.”

 Lunga Mooi, Media and Digital Hub Director, Unilever, reveals his enthusiasm about Unilever brands, such as Closeup and Pepsodent, “embracing the opportunities to reach Nigerian consumers in ever more interesting ways and achieve unprecedented engagement rates than is possible with other formats.” Both campaigns achieved outstanding results with Closeup hitting a ground-breaking engagement rate of 60% and attention-based value of 27 seconds, Pepsodent 57% engagement rate and 25 seconds as attention-based value.

 FilmOne campaign witnessed equally successful results: 60% engagement rate and 29 seconds of attention value. Moses Babatope, Co-Founder and Managing Director, FilmOne Entertainment, states: “Over the years, embracing technologically innovative solutions has been a crucial part of our strategy for development. Hence, OTM’s pioneering sophisticated mobile advertising solution was a no-brainer to consider. We are excited to explore this medium that engages with our customers effectively.”

 Lynda Saint-Nwafor, the Chief Enterprise Business Officer (CEBO) at MTN Nigeria, says: “The FilmOne, WHO and Unilever Nigeria campaigns ran by Out There Media and MTN Nigeria demonstrate the value of RCS for mobile customers and brands alike. By using innovative solutions like Mobucks™, we can keep Nigerians connected and engaged with their favourite brands, and also informed about valuable health information.”

Out There Media now not only enables MTN Nigeria to bring subscribers targeted, interactive messaging and rich media experiences from its chosen brand and agency partners, but also harnesses the power of RCS in Nigeria.

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