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Patricia gets served breakfast in the tenth episode of Shoot Your Shot

by Goddie Ofose
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As the hands were made for holding and the feet for walking, the heart was made for loving. The tenth episode of Africa Magic’s Shoot Your Shot sees the host, Bisola Aiyeola helping Patrica sprinkle some love dust on her crush, Chuks.

The vivacious Patricia shared that she sought the team’s help because she was sure her crush would appreciate the effort and hopefully increase her chances with him.

Chatting with Bisola about her crush, she shared that they had met at a beach hangout last Valentine and his bubbly and likeable personality attracted her. She also shared that being the only two people without partners at the hangout automatically bonded them.

Patricia had her shot on target when she said one of her reasons for coming to SYS was to impress her crush. From Bisola’s first conversation with Chuks, one could tell he was very impressed with the level of thought and affection his secret admirer showed in expressing her feelings through Shoot Your Shot.

After a brief chat with the host, we found out that he is in a nine-month-old relationship but was open to exploring something new, if his secret admirer fits his criteria of a woman being beautiful and intelligent. He also stated that he hates lying and demanding partners.

Eager to meet his admirer, Bisola led the blind-folded Chuks to a flower-filled date, and he was doubly impressed after seeing the set-up. His second surprise of the date came when he realised his beach friend, Patricia, was his secret admirer. She further amazed him by gifting him a bottle of wine.

After the shock wore out, the two friends settled for their date, and Patricia started the conversation by asking about his work and life in general. Some minutes into their talk, Patricia took the bull by the horns and told Chuks about her romantic affection for him and popped the million-dollar question, asking him to be her boyfriend.

The tense minutes that followed after she dropped the B-bomb sadly didnt end on a happy note as Chuks shared that he couldn’t accept her proposal due to his current relationship. However, he shared that he was very much open to continuing his friendship with her.

Although the date didn’t end on a happy note, We look forward to a happy date that ends on a happy note in the 11th episode of Shoot Your Shot.

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