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Phillips consulting provides insight into ‘Future’ at AfricaNXT2022

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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Phillips Consulting, (pcl.), a leading business and management consulting firm, has provided deep insight into the ‘Future of Work’ paradigm by exploring emerging trends and divers  of the ‘Future of Work’ and distilling potential impacts on critical industries across Africa at AfricaNXT2022.

The company has, in the past two years  re-imagine the future of work as the world comes to grips with the next normal, businesses and teams have to continue to adjust and react quickly to remain competitive.

African businesses and industry leaders are facing daunting tasks to navigate a post-covid economic environment continuously shaped by accelerating digitisation, rising hybrid workplace, diversity, globalisation, and Artificial intelligence. To do nothing is dangerous to businesses and the prosperity of the African continent, said Mr. Rob Taiwo, Managing Director Phillips Consulting.

The panelists at the event contextualized and mapped how critical enablers of the fourth and fifth industrial revolution will profoundly drive transformation across industries and redefine the Future of Work. The African economy can forge a different pathway from the rest of the World – if opportunities in the emerging “Future of Work” are harnessed correctly by businesses and industry leaders, they agreed.

The managing director of  pcl., said  “A recent study has showed that 97% of employees stated that they had some kind of work related stress, this is the best time for a reset, especially after Covid”, Discussing the Future of Work, community and the modern work space at.”

Mr. Taiwo stated that “Employees are looking for a different type of leadership. Old school methods of command and control are collapsing. It is a new day and a new time. Companies that are going to win are embracing a new way. People are looking for more than money; increasingly people are working for purpose. Work-place culture is also taking the forefront in the way people seek employment.”

According to Mr. Joshua Ademuwagun, Senior Managing Consultant & Head of Advisory, pcl, “We shared best practices and offered industry-focused considerations on how business leaders need to rethink their business models and strategies to best position themselves to leverage emerging opportunities.

Meanwhile, Remi Dada, Founder & CEO Spacefinish & Design Match Up stated that the future of work is about being empowered to work how you want, when you want. When employees are empowered, performance becomes the goal.

 “Tech is in more demand than before; “work spaces” are more relevant than pre- Covid, which is why creating spaces that are meant for collaboration, making your office space feel as relaxed as your home is the future. Spacefinish Designs is working to blur the lines between the work space and living spaces for the Future of work”, Remi Dada said.

Corroborating earlier speakers, Arinola Fetuga, Head, HR & Admin, Lagos State Employment Trust Fund asked “How do we transfer knowledge and build strong relationships between employees and  employers, when everyone is working in a different environment? That is where Technology comes into play when building the Future of work. But company policies, feedback, structure, and processes have to be adaptable to fit the evolving future”.

. “Innovation is building employee & employer management for the Future of work, Tech creates solutions for people that are different from you, but we have to be dynamic in the way we communicate with people individually, ” said Enimien Inegbedion, Strategy and Transformation Project Manager, Hugo Technologies.

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