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PRCAN, NIPR Synergizes on industry regulatory framework

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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PRCAN, NIPR Synergizes on industry regulatory framework

Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN) has disclosed it is working in close collaboration with the parent body, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR)with a view to realizing  long term objective of instituting  strong and effective regulatory framework for public relations practice and profession in Nigeria.

The Association in its latest appraisal of business performances record of its  corporate members in course of  business  year, 2021 viewed  that PR consultancies in Nigeria have recorded phenomenal growth during  the period judging by overall 55.56 % contributions made to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Service sector operators in the country as at Q 1, 2021 inspite of Covid-19 challenges.

Speaking recently during a personality television interactive program , the Association’s President, Isreal Jaiye Opayemi said that the absence of strong regulatory interventions in the PR space constituted a major stumbling block to the growth aspiration and development of the profession.

He said, to this end, the association is working in synergy with the NIPR as apex industry regulator to ensure  necessary machineries are put in place for a purposeful and efficient regulatory process for puplic relations practice and profession in the country.    

The association boss who drew growth trends comparisons between Public Relations  vis-à-vis  the advertising industry noted also that, one of the things that have significantly contributed to growth of advertising sector in Nigeria is the factor of strong regulatory backing being provided by the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON).

On the industry growth performance records, Opayemi, who also is Chief Executive Officer, Chain Reactions Consultancy firm affirmed that the service sector in Nigeria of which PR is  integral part have seen phenomenal growth since the Covid-19 pandemic adding that despite Covid challenges the sector had witnessed 5.1 % upward swing in growth of the economy.

“Am happy that we are having strong conversation with the leadership of NIPR, and we are taking the message from what our counterparts  in advertising are doing. The kind of backing that AAAN is receiving from APCON is what we hope to receive. When you look at it, that’s where the issues are really”

“APCON has done pretty well. APCON has become a strong voice in support of regulations of the advertising sector.  So when you look at it, that’s where the difference lie currently.  Am happy that the leadership of NIPR is aware of this. It’s one thing for you to have a problem and not be aware of the problem you have. They are aware of this, they are conscious of it and we are talking, and we intend to go out stronger together in 2022”

“Probably, the kind of growth that we would have seen in PR today would have been far better than what we are currently seen if we have that kind of strong regulatory backing, strong regulatory intervention, strong regulatory voice in the market which we must credit our colleagues in advertising for”.

He added that based on standard and integrity of practice, consultancies in Nigeria were not doing badly whatsoever as they could compare favorably with their counterparts in other parts of the world.    

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