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Recent study shows tech remote jobs pay more than onsite jobs

by Emmanuel Ogundele
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The tech careers startup Landing.Jobs has just released their latest study about global tech careers, the Global Tech Talent Trends.

Landing.Jobs have just released their new study on global tech careers — the Global Tech Talent Trends (2022 edition) — and it uncovers a lot of relevant information that is useful for both tech professionals and companies alike.

The study counted on more than 6 thousand answers worldwide to the survey and goes deep into topics such as salary, remote work, relocation, most coveted work-from-home countries, career drivers, job perks, programming languages and frameworks.

As for the actual results within the report, we can see that the tech industry has drastically changed and become global. The world has become almost borderless when it comes to looking for a new tech jobs, and what tech pros value has clearly suffered a shift to accommodate new needs and worries.

Here are some highlights of the report. The top career drivers are Salary & benefits and Work-life balance, while the most sought out perks are Health benefits and Annual Bonus. Almost 90% of professionals work full or hybrid remote and around 20% work remotely for a company overseas.

As for salary, not surprisingly Tech Management roles earn, on average, 1,4x more than Developers, and full office jobs are the most poorly paid (1,9x less than full remote jobs). 51,2% of women had a salary raise in the last year, against 62,6% of men, showing some unchanging disparity.

The full report can be accessed for free here: https://eu1.hubs.ly/y0M3DR0. The results were presented by Landing.jobs in an all-exclusive and 100% virtual launch event on April 27th 2022, which can now be watched by anyone here. The tech startup will also be releasing throughout the rest of the year additional reports focused on specific geographies.

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