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Startweb Africa, Geneza School of Design collaborates, empower 300 web designers

by Goddie Ofose
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Startweb Africa, an e-commerce and sales funnel builder, has partnered with Geneza School of Design to train 300 African web designers.

According to the company, the programme offers a cohort of 300 product designers a month of rigorous training in website design and e-commerce store set-up.

In a statement the Co-founder of StartWeb Africa, Kelvin Orifa, said, “Through our partnership with Geneza School to host this free website boot camp, we are assisting more African youths in maximising their learning opportunities and utilising digital tools that will enable them to provide excellent service to their clients and further expand their business.”

The Founder and Chief Executive officer of Geneza School, Omobolanle Banwo, added, “We are glad we collaborated with StartWeb to enrich design talent development across Africa.”

The trainees were introduced to relevant website features and concepts before starting their first design project.

Besides biweekly hands-on virtual training sessions, they had direct access to a private channel for assistance and guidance. The programme concluded with an opportunity to work at StartWeb as a website design intern.

One of the participants of the boot camp, Dickson Hope, said, “I got into the boot camp from Geneza School of Design. Before I attended the boot camp, I never knew I could build a website without learning coding and all.

“This boot camp introduced me to a whole new world where you can build amazing websites without learning how to code first. I faced some challenges trying to customise the templates, but I won’t forget to mention the amazing tutors that put me through them. Joining this boot camp has given me new skills and opened doors to new positions that require those skills.”

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