Home Campaign The Naija version of ‘Super Bowl Ads’ that got viewers excited: The New SupaKomando TV commercial by Insight Publicis

The Naija version of ‘Super Bowl Ads’ that got viewers excited: The New SupaKomando TV commercial by Insight Publicis

by Goddie Ofose
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There is no doubt that the Big Brother Naija reality show can be likened to the American Super Bowl games, especially for Nigerian brands seeking to captivate huge audiences. Like the annual Super Bowl, the show has acquired a massive following, and companies, who want to get their brands before millions of audiences, can do so knowing they will get great return on investment. For such brands, each year, their chosen adverts must be entirely different from the previous, memorably and creatively executed, enough to keep audiences and consumers intrigued. 

This year, what no one could have predicted was that whilst fans prepared to be entertained by the uniqueness of participating personalities on the show, creative advertising leader, Insight Publicis, had plans to shake them off their seats, with a well thought-out and creatively executed commercial.

If asked what makes a TV commercial memorable and effective, your answers would include: humor, creativity, great plot, execution, perfectly timed music, and even, an iconic actor.

The Supa Komando Ad seems to tick off these qualities perfectly. But by bringing all of these together, with the addition of one unique element, ‘deep consumer insight’, Insight Publicis delivered what many have said could be a scene from a blockbuster movie. In addition, the choice of the brand’s ambassadors – Erica Nlewedim (Star Girl) and Do2dtun (Energy Gad) as lead characters, reinforces the brand’s proposition “energy to fire on”, as the individuals are renowned for their multiple projects and need for constant refuel. The Supa Komando advert has since gone viral and has kept fans talking for weeks. The wildly impressed fans and audience are expressing their excitement across the social media, sharing and re-sharing, as they go out of their way to support the energy drink brand.

The reception by fans and industry marks another pivotal moment for Supa Komando and Insight’s long standing client, SBC. This success gives credence to the strength of the great partnership that has consistently delivered exceptional, boundary-pushing work. Together, Insight Publicis and SBC have, in the past, created award-winning ads, including the Pepsi ‘Long Throat’ and ‘Naija all the way’ campaigns, H2O’s ‘Water’s Gonna Be Jealous’ advert, and the 2020 ‘Your life Max AM’ campaign, also for Pepsi.

With the advert joining the list of our all-time faves, the industry, as well as creative enthusiasts, can trust Insight Publicis’ ability to align with international best practices, to drive top-of-mind awareness and influence consumers’ love for a brand – in this case, Supa Komando.

The agency’s attention to detail and the commercial’s relevance are perfect conversation-starter for both long-time industry players and budding creative. It buttresses the title some critics have given it – “the ad that broke Nigerian TV”; it can very well be crowned the top advert of the year. For us, this creative piece by Insight Publicis has set a standard for entertainment, delivering value and disrupting the norm. As the agency’s Group Creative Director, Sinmisola Hughes-Obisesan, proudly hinted on her social media page, “Insight Publicis understood the assignment and Nigeria agreed”.

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