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Top six events on the first season of The Real Housewives Of Lagos

by Goddy Ofose
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The Real Housewives of Lagos are back this Friday for the second part of the season 1 reunion, and we are bursting at the seams with excitement! We can’t wait to see how it will all play out. However, before we get there, we are looking back at the top six parties and events on the explosive debut season of the Showmax original.

1. Aunty Iyabo’s beach weekend:

During the first episode, Iyabo Ojo announced that she wanted to get to know the women better and had set up a plan for it. She invited them to come with her on a beach weekend to get away from Lagos stress. Even though Laura failed to show up, the ladies went on to have a fantastic time in the most beautiful house.

Iyabo proved to be a thoughtful host with gifts for the women, individual rooms, heavily decorated and planned out meals, games for each night, and a dance instructor for the women. The actress spared no costs and successfully impressed the ladies and viewers. But, the seemingly innocent games at the beach house would later give way to two of the most dramatic moments in the season.

2. Carolyna Hutching’s BoHo party:

Maybe the BoHo party was fascinating because it’s a rare theme in Lagos, or perhaps it was the fashion or the fights; we’ll never really know. However, we know that the party made for an exciting episode, and we are grateful that Carolyn chose not to ‘save her drama’. The BoHo party had everything from great decor to good food, a meditation coach, intense conversations and even a tinge of drama. What else can we ask for?

3. Chioma’s Abuja Weekend Getaway:

Chioma proved throughout the season that she never does anything small, including her party. She started the fun from Lagos by flying the ladies out on a private jet to the capital. Despite the late arrivals at the beginning of the trip, it went pretty well, with minimal altercations. The ladies showed off their fun, carefree self, great fashion styles, and even their friends. Chioma went above and beyond to keep everyone comfortable. Even though Iyabo was absent, the ladies enjoyed the trip.

4. Mariam Timmer’s Dinner Party:

Mariam joined the ladies later in the show. Still, after seeing Chioma throw it down at her party, she knew she had to bring her A-game.

Mariam went all out for her party, even getting a celebrity chef to cater for the women and setting up a karaoke bar. Despite the night being marred by Carolyna and Chioma’s immense lateness, it appeared the ladies still had a good time. After they got over having to wait for close to 5 hours for the two women and Iyabo ‘dragged’ them by their pretty weaves, the real housewives settled down for a good night. They ended the dinner singing their favourite tunes, doing shots and dancing the night away.

5. Toyin Lawani’s Owambe Party:

Nobody throws an ‘owambe’ party like the King of Fashion, Toyin Lawani. Born into royalty and a proud Yoruba woman, her decision to throw a cultural party was not surprising to anyone. In typical Toyin extravagant style, she went all out with the party set in a park. Paying homage to her grandma and decked out in traditional Yoruba attire, she thrilled her guests. The ladies also showed up for the party looking like expensive Yoruba brides. The exciting evening was filled with great traditional food, praise-singing, and a surprise performance from award-winning artiste 9ice. Toyin announced to the ladies that she was taking them for a week-long vacation in Dubai to crown the party.

6. Tiannah Fortified’s Dubai vacation:

Everything about this event already screams best and most extravagant, but it started off on a rocky note. Laura arrived sick, Carolyna misplaced her ‘$43,000 diamond bracelet’, and Iyabo Ojo almost made the 35-year-old lose it. But that meant the week could only go up from there, and it did.

The ladies each got a chance to plan their own mini-events for the others in Dubai, and it was all fun. From taking on monster truck rides on the safari, driving luxury cars around Dubai, throwing a beach party, surprising Tiannah with her husband, to having luxurious dinners, going to the Billionaire Club and throwing a pool party, the ladies had a swell time. This was until it all came crashing down.

Tiannah Fortified gave fans the explosive season finale we knew the show was capable of with that fight between Iyabo, Carolyna and finally, Chioma.

The fight, the events, the parties, and more will be discussed when the two-part reunion concludes on Friday, July 8, 2022, exclusively on Showmax.

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