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Truecaller for business gets new features

by Goddie Ofose
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As a way of supporting entrepreneurs, Truecaller for Business (TfB) has unveiled enhanced features to improve customers experience on the platform. 

According to the organisation, some of the new features which included Video Caller ID, Call Me back-function, Call Ratings and Surveys would help strengthen its current enterprise offering. 

It stated that the new features aimed at protecting business’s brand and consumers from getting impacted by impersonation and fraud.

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Truecaller, Alan Mamedi explained further that the new solution also helps to bring in contact center efficiency and reduce costs on the customer support front. 

He said, “The offering has been well received by a wide range of well-known global and local brands and is the relatively fastest growing revenue stream for Truecaller.

“Video Caller ID” capability is now rolled out fully to enable branded, contextual videos to differentiate business Caller Identity from the rest. After a successful early access program, the feature is live and has experienced an initial good response among consumer brands, automobiles, real estate, fintech, and other sectors as part of their business-calling communication lifecycle.

“For businesses to get actionable intent from their customers receiving calls, the “Call Me Back” capability is now live on the platform. The feature enables enterprises to get call-back requests from customers that might miss an important call. 

“Further capabilities like Call Ratings and Surveys are soon being launched as part of the expanded suite of business offerings that will allow businesses to derive real-world insights from end customers to evolve their communication experience.”

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